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The Siliconies Mini Cube Trays have been designed for families looking to make their own snacks in a child friendly size. We designed this product after being unable to find mini cube trays that wouldn't spill, were a child-friendly size, and free from toxic chemicals. Recent concerns over silicone bakeware containing fillers only added to our worry, which is why our trays are clear so you can feel safe that there aren't any hidden nasties to leach into your food, especially when heated.

Made from only FDA food-grade silicone, Siliconies products are all free from BPA, PVC & Phthalates, Latex, and Heavy Metals.

Some fun uses for Siliconies Mini Cube Trays include: mini ice, gummies, hard candy and medicinal lozenges, baby finger foods, etc. We hope you will get as much use out of this product as we do! Please note: ice left open in the freezer for extended periods of time may be exposed to freezer burn which will leave a bad taste. We recommend removing all finished products to a sealed container to maintain freshness and taste.

Each tray contains 81 - 1/2" cubes and is 5.5"x5.5". Siliconies products are designed in the USA by family owned company Family Bedrock and responsibly manufactured in China in a food, infant, and medical product only silicone facility.

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